Our sector in France

France is one of Europe’s biggest importers and consumers of energy. Only a very small proportion of the oil consumed in France is produced in-country – around 1%. Our activity takes place within this context; in 2019 Bridge énergies delivered 0.49% of national production and 0.84% of production from the Paris Basin.


Bridge énergies makes rigorous efforts to adhere to the established environmental requirements. Our conscientiousness has earned Bridge énergies the lease and drilling authorizations necessary for our activity.

Energy in France

In 2019, the oil produced in France represented just 1% of the country’s consumption, which means huge quantities are imported from other countries.

The formation of hydrocarbons

How does oil form? It is created over tens of millions of years, the result of once-living plant and animal- based micro-organisms forming deposits on the sea bed and being subjected to high pressures and temperatures.

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